Speed the Plough Now
brand new
Speed the Plough’s eighth full-length LP, Now, on Coyote Records. Limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP includes 24-bit WAV file download coupon.
$18, plus $5 shipping/handling in the continental U.S.
International shipping available at prevailing rates.
Click here to order (US only).
Help us celebrate the release of Now
with this super-soft new t-shirt, available
in men’s and women’s styles/sizes.
$18, plus $2 shipping.
Click here to order (US only).
Now t-shirt


The Plough and the Stars
Shine CD Swerve CD
Shine, 2011, Dromedary Records,
Click here to order.
Swerve, 2010, CD. $13, including shipping/handling. Click here.
Wonder Wheel CD Wonder Wheel cassette

Wonder Wheel, 1991, CD. $13,
including s/h. Click here.

Wonder Wheel, 1991, cassette.
$12, including s/h. Click here.
Shine t-shirt

Shine t-shirt,
size M or L (for now),
$15. Click here.


The Plough and The Stars, 12" LP, CD, booklet, downloads, 2013, Bar-None Records. Click here to order.
Mason's Box CD
Mason’s Box, 1993, CD. $13, including s/h. Click here.
Lock and Key single
“Lock and Key” b/w “Seven Stairs,” limited edition vinyl single, 1994, Acetone Records, France. $8.50, including s/h. Click here.
House Concert
Sure, we’ll play at your house. Why not? We play at our house all the time. If you live in the NY area, have enough room and would like us to play some music for you email us at mail@speedtheplough.com.